Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways 2 Prosperity (P2) is an innovative initiative working to end poverty. Through education, mentoring, skill building and networking, participants, called Path Leaders, design their own pathway to self reliance and resiliency. A pathway which includes securing living wage employment not just a job; building savings not just paying the bills; securing reliable transportation not just a ride; and developing a long term solution to poverty not a short term temporary fix. P2 meets weekly providing educational curriculum for both the adults and children. Weekly meetings provide dinner and the opportunity to create peer support with fellow Path Leaders and networks across economic lines with volunteers. P2 is a partnership between NORWESCAP, United Way of Northern NJ and The Center for Prevention and Counseling.

The P2 journey is a three phase process. Phase I begins with a 24 week motivational life planning curriculum where Path Leaders evaluate how poverty impacts their life and the community. Through an inventory of their personal resources they develop individualized action plans, called a Prosperity Plan, with identified dates of completion that create financial independence and family stability. P2 defines poverty as a lack of resources including financial capacities, health, socio-economic exploration, networks, emotional, educational, spiritual, integrity/trust, motivation/persistence, and support systems. Phase II begins with Path Leaders being matched with trained mentors who assist them in putting their Prosperity Plan into action. Weekly meetings continue with comprehensive education focusing on the skills and tools needed to make their Prosperity Plan a reality. Phase III begins as Path Leaders accomplish their goals and become mentors, committee members, and/or volunteers supporting the sustained growth of P2.

Compadres is Pathway to Prosperity children’s program. Compadres fosters the success of Path Leaders children in school, home and the community. The program focuses on the social and emotional growth of children, as well as character development.

The Community Change Consortium of P2 brings together community stakeholders, faith based organizations, businesses, educational institutions, concerned community members and P2 participants, who work collaboratively, to break down the societal and institutional barriers that keep families entrenched in poverty.

Volunteers play a vital role at Pathways 2 Prosperity and there’s more than one way to make a difference. High school students, college students, and faith-based youth groups volunteer as peer mentors within the Compadres program. Adult volunteers mentor, cook weekly meals, participate in committee work, help with marketing, appear as guest speakers, help with fundraising, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.