Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities

Coalition partners with Partnership for a Drug Free NJ, to bring Do No Harm Symposium

The Center for Prevention and Counseling was excited to partner with the DEA and The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey in bringing Do No Harm on April 6 to Atlantic Health’s Newton Medical Center to alert prescribers on the new CDC guidelines hoping to prevent further cases of opiate addiction. Since 2008, The Center’s Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities has been advocating for 100% prescriber registration and utilization of the New Jersey Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (NJPMP) which can alert prescribers to patients who misuse Rx medications. On April 29, 2017, The Center will again partner with the DEA and the nation to promote the Rx disposal boxes in Sussex County at eight local police departments for disposing of unwanted, unused and expired medications so these are not left idle in medicine cabinets and/or diverted by those seeking to use them illicitly.

The Coalition also helps with the North Jersey Health Collaborative (NJHC) which revealed substance use disorders as a major concern in Sussex County.  Through this collaboration with the NJHC, which has been helping communities address local problems and with the work of our Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities, together, now, with the Do No Harm event, these efforts are coming together and should really have an impact on addressing the opioid addiction epidemic throughout our county. Traditionally, the science of prevention, treatment and recovery from addiction has not been taught to medical students, and this tragic opiate use epidemic we are in the middle of is an opportunity for everyone to revisit how we can all understand, prevent, treat and better recover from addiction. Do No Harm is one of the more important events as it engages medical professionals and offers solutions and resources to this effect.

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