2014 Contest Winners

2014 Alcohol Awareness Month This is me! It’s great to be alcohol-free! Public Service Announcement Contest Winners

Young people receive mixed messages about drinking alcohol from movies, television, music, their peers and other sources. Because of this, many do not understand how dangerous alcohol use by underage youth can be. The Sussex County Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities, a program of the Center for Prevention and Counseling, sponsored a public service announcement contest for April, which is Alcohol Awareness Month.

The students who took this opportunity to share their positive message with the community represent the majority of county youth who choose not to drink alcohol! We commend the more than 250 entrants from 14 schools for making healthy choices and being positive role models.

Winners and honorable mentions were chosen from the many wonderful entries that encourage youth to make healthy choices and abstain from underage drinking.

  • Eight posters were chosen to be featured in the New Jersey Herald during April.
  • Three essays were chosen to be featured on the Clear Channel radio station WSUS 102.3 FM.
  • Eight honorable mentions are featured on the CFPC website.

The message clearly shared by all entries was “This is me! It’s great to be alcohol free!”


  1. Alexa Henry (Franklin Elementary School, grade 6, Mrs. Helmstetter)
  2. Amanda D’Alessandro (Willowglen Academy, grade 12, Mrs. Serratelli)
  3. Anna Wilson (Stillwater School, grade 5, Mrs. Celentano)
  4. Audrey Sacks (Hilltop Country Day School, grade 6, Mrs. Maxwell)
  5. Caroline Reese (Sussex Middle School, grade 6, Mrs. Oliveira)
  6. Cynthia Schneider (Lounsberry Hollow Middle School, grade 5, Mrs. Sousa)
  7. Jessica Alvarez (Hopatcong Middle School, grade 8, Mrs. Spano)
  8. Justin Shea (Glen Meadow Middle School, grade 7, Mr. Pisco)

Radio PSAs:

  1. Claire Schlesinger (Vernon High School, grade 11, Mrs. Macdonald)
  2. Douglas Galate (Immaculate Conception Regional School, grade 6, Mrs. Sowden)
  3. Lenny Mier (St. Joseph’s Regional School, grade 7, Mrs. Fetherman).

Honorable Mentions – Poster and Essay:

  1. Emily Ward- essay (Fredon School, grade 6, Mrs. Harper)
  2. Joe Conte- poster (Sussex Middle School, grade 6, Mrs. Oliveira)
  3. Joseph Dunlop- poster (Rolling Hills Primary School, grade 4, Ms. Irish)
  4. Kailey Pisani- essay (Immaculate Conception Regional School, grade 7, Mrs. Sowden)
  5. Kyle Forchette- poster (Immaculate Conception Regional, grade 6, Mrs. Sowden)
  6. Lindsey R. Burke- essay (Cedar Mountain School, grade 4, Mrs.Waleck)
  7. Matthew Malvery- essay (St. Joseph’s Regional School, grade 7, Mrs. Fetherman)
  8. Ryan Cordero- essay (St. Joseph’s Regional School, grade 7, Mrs. Fetherman)