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August 4th 2018 – Team Fundraiser Changing the Face of Addiction Walk – This year we are excited to bring a team fundraising opportunity to our event. You can create your very own team to help raise money for the walk. ...

2018 Alcohol Awareness Contest Winners We are excited to announce the winners of our 2018 Alcohol Awareness PSA contest “Underage Drinking…It’s Not a Rite of Passage”, where nine Sussex County schools had winning entries! With over 90 submissions, these entries ...

Altitude Students Write & Produce Anti-Vaping Video! This commercial was part of the Altitude youth empowerment program for 8th graders in Sussex county. The students wrote the script and helped produce the video. The commercial was done by the Sparta Middle School..

Top Fundraising Teams

This year we are excited to bring a team fundraising opportunity to the Changing the Face of Addiction Walk. You can create your very own team to help raise money for the walk. Let friends & family join your team and register to walk or If they can't make it register as a "Virtual Walker". Any team that raises $1,000 or more will be recognized as a Partner at the event and will be included on the Team Banner. You can create a team in memory of someone, to honor someone in recovery or to support the recovery community. Create a Team

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Team Ryan Devito

Team Ryan Devito

Join Team Ryan Devito


Why I am Walking?

We are walking to raise awareness for those struggling with the disease of addiction. To help them find treatment and have the resources they need in order to get help. We will walk on August 4, 2018 in Franklin, NJ for our dear friend Ryan DeVito, in collaboration with Garden State Treatment Center. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to The Center of Prevention Counseling (a non profit organization) to help those in need of services to aid them in their struggle with addiction.

A little bit about Ryan…

Ryan DeVito was raised in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. He was an amazing son to Ellen Geers and Scott DeVito. A 2009 graduate of Jefferson High School, where he excelled on the football field. He was an electrician and a past member of IBEW Local #102. Ryan also worked with his father at DeVito Roofing for several years. He resided in Landing and Lake Hopatcong, NJ before moving to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. two years ago. Ryan enjoyed surfing, weightlifting, snowboarding and boating on Lake Hopatcong but most importantly, Ryan loved spending time with his friends and family.
Ryan was one of the most naturally athletic people you will ever come across. Anything that involved a board came so naturally to him. His Sundays most of the time were spent on the beach of Fort Lauderdale with his raft. He was a unique character and his smile was one of a kind. He was an amazing friend and continuously showed up for the people in his life. He was so loved by everyone.
Ryan passed away on June 2, 2018 at the age of 27 at his apartment in Fort Lauderdale. It was unexpected to many and devastating due to the fact that Ryan had been doing fantastic for years prior to this.
We will continue to hold the memory and love we have for Ryan in our hearts.

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Team Joey Lavin

Team Joey Lavin


Why I am Walking?

I am raising money for the Changing the Face of Addiction Walk on August 4th 2018. Everyone knows someone that has struggled with addiction and my family is no different. I am excited to walk and raise money in memory of my brother. Please help me reach my goal for Team Joey Lavin. Everyone deserves a chance for recovery. Donate to Team Joey Lavin


A little bit about Joe…

Joe was unusual in that he always wanted help and was willing to accept any treatment recommended to him.  He attended a program at Sunrise House in Lafayette when he was a senior at High Point High School. Joe was always grateful for that experience as he learned so much about himself, his depression and its effect on his childhood and his feelings of loneliness and isolation. Due to his depression, Joe did not feel the love of his family or his friends past the age of the onset of the disorder. His experience at Sunrise House changed that for him and he ultimately formed very close relationships with each member of his family.


On March 19, 2010 Joe entered a rehab in Deerfield Beach, Florida. His stay lasted 40 days. When he was informed that he would be discharged on April 26th, Joey was panic-stricken. He did not feel that he was ready to be on his own yet and requested a little more time. That time was not afforded to him as his insurance company would not cover any further in-patient care. Joey was discharged and dropped back at his apartment on the evening of April 26, 2010. By 9 pm on April 27th, Joe had relapsed. He called home the following day requesting advice. As advised, he returned to the rehab seeking assistance. Joe was still extremely intoxicated when he arrived at the rehab center. He was transported to a detox center as his alcohol level was so very high. That evening, he was dropped back home to his apartment. On April 29th, Joe called the rehab and asked if he could sign himself into the 6 month in-patient program. He was willing to give up his job, his apartment, anything to get well. Sadly, he was turned away due to lack of insurance coverage. Joseph Michael Lavin passed away 64 days later on July 2, 2010. The cause of death was determined to be acute alcohol intoxication coupled with the interaction of the consumption of oxycodone tablets. No one wanted help more than Joe yet he was denied the help and care he so desperately needed. Joey’s story is a compelling one that needs to be told in order to effect change for so many others like him!


Joe’s life was abruptly cut short but he led a substantive one. All who truly knew Joe would attest to his character. He was the personification of integrity, honesty, and loyalty. He possessed a phenomenal work ethic. His family was awed by the response to Joe’s passing by all who loved him here in New Jersey.  If you were fortunate enough to be his friend, you knew you had found a “true” one.


Addiction is a very treatable disease and every person who seeks to be well, deserves the opportunity to obtain treatment.

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Team Jeremy

Team Jeremy

Join My Team



Why I Walk

I walk to spread awareness in memory of my Son Jeremy who lost his battle on June 5, 2017 with co-occurring disorders of Bipolar and addiction We need a cultural shift in understanding Addiction. Most addiction begins with attempts to relieve physical or psychic pain and doesn’t take long to change the structure of the brain and become a disease in itself.


A Little Bit About Jeremy

Jeremy was a special son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson and friend. Loved by all. He was funny, kind, and thoughtful. He had not found a medicine without side effects to manage his bipolar. He thought he had found his answer but it didn’t take long for his life to be taken away by fentanyl toxicity. Since dealers have been passing off fentanyl for other drugs deaths have tripled. Youth need to be aware of this increase in danger.

My Team

George & Connie Stout
Love You Guys!
Christa and Bo Schulz
In loving memory of our dear nephew, Jeremy, who left us much too soon. We miss him every day and hope other families will never feel this loss.
Nancy Baglio
In loving memory of Jeremy.
The Lorenzen Family
Sending love!
Nancy Melamed
Kara vincelli
Linda Pumphrey
Dianne and Tommy Feaser
Cindy and Lisa Barr
Bea Lewis
For Jeremy
Antonette Paccione
Debbie Gegeckas
I walk for all the friends and family I know that deal with this issue daily.
Debbie Zimmer
For Jeremy
Janet and Roger Ricat
In memory of Jeremy LeDuc with love??????
Kevin Gulick
I walk for my brother Jeremy. He was an amazing person who we miss every day. I want to help in raising awareness so no other family has to suffer from this disease of addiction
Jaehnel Leduc
I walk for my brother Jeremy. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and miss his contagious laughter. Together we can raise awareness for this disease that took him too soon
Renate Leduc

Team Wynne

Team Wynne



In memory of our son Christopher Wynne

The purpose of this walk is to change how addiction and individuals who struggle with substance use disorders are perceived. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to The Center to help those in need of services to aid them in their struggle with addiction.

Thank you for your support and donation!

Terence & Kristin Wynne

Team Kulsar

Team Kulsar


Why I am Walking?

I have been inspired by many individuals to raise money for this wonderful cause. I walk in memory of many who have lost their lives to this horrible disease. My dear friend Elaine lost her son George Tizzano and formed this wonderful fundraiser with the help of “The Center” to raise awareness in his memory and others to change the face of addiction.


I have a daughter who’s life has been altered and severely affected by this horrible disease since she is 14 years old. She is now serving time in prison with a 7 year sentence for committing a crime due to her drug addiction while chasing her next high. She has 1.5 years left and hopefully with the help of this wonderful organization she will be able to come out and find her place sober and clean and able to help others.


Please help me raise money for this organization to save and change the lives and stigma of addition.