Financial Education


In today’s challenging economic environment, it is imperative that we all prioritize our financial goals and begin to take the steps necessary to achieve them. Everyone needs to be armed with the tools to successfully navigate this difficult time while maintaining financial stability. With the United States having the lowest national savings rate in the industrialized world, and the average family spending $1.22 for every dollar they earn, it is time for the integration of strategic saving, budgeting and spending techniques into our families’ framework. We all need to become financially fit!
So the question becomes, how do we become financially fit? What does it mean to be financially fit? How can we individually and as a community increase our money sense?

Research has shown that more than half of all workers in the states have less than $25,000 in total savings. Even more startling is the fact that 41 percent of workers between the ages of 45 and 54 report the same amount. And, what about those of us who have little to no savings?
Again, where do we as a community begin? We begin with expanding our knowledge, planning, monitoring and commitment to building a fiscally sound culture. We must teach our children about the importance of saving and thoughtful purchasing. We must incorporate financial literacy programs into every sector of our community including schools, faith based institutions, work places, social service agencies and families. We, as a community, must come together and support each other, share the knowledge and spread the money sense. But where do we find such a forum?
The Sussex County Coalition for Financial Education (SCCFE), will provide the venue. SCCFE, a affiliate of the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE), is a unique collaboration between the Center for Prevention and Counseling, United Way, local agencies, community members and businesses. The initiative is building a coalition which provides workshops, educational programs, trainings, mentoring, blogs, and financial forum gatherings across Sussex County. Additionally, a newsletter containing timely financial topics, tax tips, and resources is published regularly. The front page is written by county financial professionals who are joining us to build our community’s financial fitness. I invite you all to join our effort. Through education and skill building, SCCFE assists Sussex County residents in increasing their financial knowledge, building savings, and attaining assets.
There are many ways you can become involved. You can become a member of the Sussex County Coalition for Financial Education, you can organize forums, provide a venue for a program or just pass around the newsletter to anyone and everyone that crosses your path. What ever time you have available, there is a place for you, your business and/or your agency in Sussex County Coalition for Financial Education.
For more information, or to make suggestions, contact Dianna at 973-383-4787 or
contact us by email. We looking forward to hearing from you!!