• Military Family Night Out

Military Family Night Out Program

Are you or a family member a Veteran, either retired or actively serving in a branch of our military? This FREE program includes dinners and the opportunity to increase the connectedness between all family members through fun activities. The program provides support for parents and interactive groups for children ages 5-11 and for teens 12-17 years old that focus on enhancing communication skills between family members and helping the family to increase their ability to express their feelings and concerns to one another. Additionally, free child-care is offered for children under 5 years old.Each graduating family will receive $300 in gift card incentives.

(We do our best to tailor the program to the military family and their culture of living by asking them to help us identify what their needs are, and by bringing in guest speakers.)

For more information and to register, contact Vanessa at (973) 383-4787 or [email protected].