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Summit 2020

We are celebrating our 20th annual Taking Flight to Change Middle School Summit and the theme is Connect With Kindness. Middle schools in Sussex County (nearly 5000 kids!) will be participating by viewing powerful videos tailored to our students, taking part in daily Kindness Challenges and will be given opportunities to participate in Instagram Live events with some of our notable presenters. This year’s Summit will provide a uniform message to Sussex County middle school students that they can make a difference and positively affect change within their community in an effort to build empathy and foster resilience. We are confident this week’s events will energize and motivate students just as it has in the past 19 years! Throughout the week, we hope you check us out daily at noon for our Facebook LIVE event and message of the day. A special thank you to our event sponsor, Visions Federal Credit Union, as well as our supporters, Sparta Kiwanis and Selective Insurance Foundation.

Welcome to Day 1 our Taking Flight to Change Virtual Summit! This video is 1 of 5 videos that will be released daily this week. Remember, each day is a new speaker and a new Kindness Challenge! We hope you enjoy! Here to Motivate all of youth is Keith Hawkins!

Check out day 2 of our Taking Flight to Change Middle School Summit! Yesterday was amazing & Keith Hawkins delivered an inspiring message that really resonated with our Sussex County students and staff. If you are just joining us today, we are celebrating the Summit – all week!

Did Jared leave you feeling inspired and motivated yesterday? Take a look at today’s Taking Flight to Change Middle School Summit Video featuring Kyle Scheele! He is a fan favorite in Sussex County. If you are just joining us today, we are on day 3 of our week long Summit celebration.

Did Kyle’s message empower you to make a change in someone’s life? Check out Ty’s message about connecting with others. For those who are just joining in we are on Day 4 of our week long Summit celebration!

It is our final day of our week long Summit celebration! Check out Rachel who will walk us through the steps of creating an action plan and making a change in our community. We hope you have enjoyed spending the week with us!


Keith Hawkins and Kyle Scheele sits down and gets real with us!