We’re Not Buying 2.0


We’re Not Buying It! 2.0 (WNBI 2.0) is a media literacy program targeting middle school-aged youth in sixth through eighth grades that aims to prevent or delay the onset of alcohol, marijuana, and non-medical prescription drug use, and to prevent bullying. Youth learn how to deconstruct media messages that promote or glamorize substance use. With a deeper understanding of the marketing directed toward them, students are better able to resist messages and to make healthy decisions.

The curriculum is a six-lesson program. Each 40-minute lesson incorporates activities targeting between two and three learning styles—visual, aural, verbal, logical, social, and solitary—to address the knowledge and skills necessary for youth to reject unhealthy substance use and bullying behaviors.

Grade: 6th - 8th grade

Length: Six 40-minute lessons

Call for fee, schedule or possible grant funding. For more information, call 973-383-4787