Youth Leadership

Straaight Talk-DEFYYouth Leadership Training introduces seven habits, using the Covey model, as they apply to teens and how each can enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.  This concept applies the timeless principles to the teens and the tough issues and life-changing decisions they face on a daily basis.  The Youth Leadership training will become the foundation upon which other social competencies will be developed.  Social competencies are those skills and abilities which, according to research published by Hawkins and Catalano, help youth to become resilient and able to make healthy life choices.  The goal of this training is to improve social competencies among youth through various skills-building opportunities designed to increase their resiliency and ability to make healthy life choices.  Outcomes show a reduction in alcohol and other drug use and an increase in leadership skills.

Youth Leadership Training

The Youth Leadership Training was held at the Sparta Middle School and Sparta High School .  We had 20 to 25 students attending the training for 11 weeks.

The high school students gave up their lunch period to attend the training while the middle school students gave up their activity period.  Some of the positive outcomes that we had are:

  • Peer mentoring….the high school seniors will be taking the leadership training skills learned and be mentoring the 5th grade this spring
  • High school seniors formed a group called “Find The Courage” with its emphasis on stomping out bullying. 
  • Understanding other's feelings and approaching them in a positive manner 
  • Building healthy relationships with others and working well with them
  • Ways to be more positive in my life
  • Support of each other in groups... the high school students and middle school students worked in groups and taught the entire group different habits they learned and how to execute them in their lives.


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