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Ever hear people talk about “4/20?” If so, they could be referring to “National Weed Day,” promoting all things cannabis related and often ‘observed’ by marijuana enthusiasts. You might also hear reference to the everyday afternoon hour of 4:20 pm as “code” to partake in smoking or using marijuana and other cannabis products. Want to be “in the know” and learn to recognize the signs, symptoms and trends of youth marijuana use? Check out our 420 Newsletter and Click Here for additional information .

National Alcohol Screening Day Every year, National Alcohol Screening Day raises awareness about the harmful effects alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency can have on a person.  By bringing an opportunity for education, referrals and treatment to those with alcohol dependency issues, screening is a large part of the outreach program. Read More >

clear-logo-hires2SUSSEX COUNTY C.L.E.A.R. PROGRAM offers free recovery coaching to individuals and families seeking recovery from addiction. Read More >

mattersofheart-thumbnailMatters of the Heart Co-dependency group meets on Monday evenings 7:30-9:00. Read More >

all-recovery-meetingAll Recovery Meetings: These anonymous meetings offer an open format where people can discuss all things recovery with an emphasis on HOPE and HEALING and how recovery has changed our lives. Tuesdays 7-8Pm at The Center Satellite office 65 Newton Sparta Rd Newton, NJ Read More >


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