Team Kulsar

Why I am Walking?

I have been inspired by many individuals to raise money for this wonderful cause. I walk in memory of many who have lost their lives to this horrible disease. My dear friend Elaine lost her son George Tizzano and formed this wonderful fundraiser with the help of “The Center” to raise awareness in his memory and others to change the face of addiction.


I have a daughter who’s life has been altered and severely affected by this horrible disease since she is 14 years old. She is now serving time in prison with a 7 year sentence for committing a crime due to her drug addiction while chasing her next high. She has 1.5 years left and hopefully with the help of this wonderful organization she will be able to come out and find her place sober and clean and able to help others.


Please help me raise money for this organization to save and change the lives and stigma of addition.