Anthony Wayne Middle School

Anthony Wayne’s Clear Water Initiative began with the goal of installing two water fountain bottle filling filtration systems. Staff members and students kicked off their school year by participating in a school wide survey to assess drinking habits and beverage preferences. Results from the survey provided the School Health Team with baseline data that will be used to determine any changes in these habits at the conclusion of the school year. Staff and students then created and released an informational PSA in order to drive home the importance of staying hydrated and teach students how to use the filling station. Within just one month of installation, students and staff members saved 711 plastic bottles and consumed an average of 400 ounces of water a day. Teachers and administration will be able to use this data to promote school wide awareness, as well as, incorporate the data collected to enhance their lesson plans pertaining to health and sustainable living. With only one of the two stations installed, Anthony Wayne Middle School is already well on its way to achieving their goal of increasing water consumption, reducing sugary beverages intake, in addition to reducing plastic water bottle usage and waste in the environment. Moving forward, Anthony Wayne is excited to install their second filler station as administration feels that their recently revised school policy on allowing water bottles in the classroom will reinforce healthy habits for both students and the ecosystem. With talk of an administrative push to install even more systems on the school’s second floor, Anthony Wayne Middle School truly is taking successful steps to a sustainable future. Click here and begin the video at 3:07 to view Anthony Wayne’s first water bottle filler PSA.