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In applying to become a member of the Coalition for Healthy & Safe Communities, I agree to support the mission of the Coalition and play an active role in the prevention of substance use disorders Sussex and Warren Counties; network with local partners to share information; use opportunities to participate in Coalition activities; and provide input on Coalition efforts. Membership is free.

Full Membership: A general member is one who is interested in the Coalition, wants to receive information and will assist with in-kind services and/or outreach if called upon and available. May also attend monthly meetings when able and/or join a subcommittee

Work Group: A work group committee member is one who attends monthly meetings, assisting with efforts on one of the committees for media/marketing, youth, underage drinking, prescription drug abuse, opiate abuse, emerging trends, etc.

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    Please explain below why you are seeking membership on the Coalition and which sector(s) of the community
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    agency, healthcare, other organization addressing substance abuse, family or youth service organization, or
    Please share any special skill, service or area of expertise you or your organization bring to the Coalition: