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About Us

The Sussex County Coalition for Healthy and Safe Families was founded by concerned local citizens in 1998 to support healthy youth development and protect against problem behaviors in adolescence by reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors in children’s lives. Over its 12 years of existence, the Coalition has become a well-recognized resource for schools, parents, students, community members and the media looking for information and programs about alcohol and other drugs; including signs, symptoms, effects, and current local and national trends; youth violence; and prevention tools.

In 2012, the Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC) was awarded funds from the New Jersey Department of Human Services to develop regional, evidenced-based addiction and substance use disorder prevention strategies that target at-risk groups of all ages. Through the work of the Coalition, CFPC formed a partnership with Family Guidance Center of Warren County (FGCWC) to serve the entire region. To reflect its new scope, the Coalition changed its name to the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities.

2022 Sussex County Coalition Meeting Times

January 7th
February 11th
March 11th
April 8th
May 13th - in person
June 10th

July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
October 7th
November 11th
December 9th


The mission of this two-county coalition is to create healthy and safe communities that are free from substance abuse, addiction and related issues among people of all ages throughout Sussex and Warren Counties.
The Regional Coalition seeks to do the following:

  • Create family and peer groups that are not supportive of underage drinking, abusive drinking, marijuana use, heroin use and abuse of prescription medications;
  • Increase the passage and enforcement of policies/laws that support non-use of alcohol by minors, responsible drinking by those over 21 and non-use of illegal substances;
  • Create work environments that support healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Implement changes within the region’s three hospital emergency rooms that empower healthcare workers to address substance use among their patients;
  • Enhance campus life at the region’s three colleges to focus on healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Create opportunities for youth to become role models and leaders in their communities.

Establishing a foundation of membership in the Coalition that represents a cross-section of the community has been key to achieving its goals. Diverse leadership, representing different perspectives and expertise, is an essential component to the Coalition’s success. The Coalition’s membership also draws from the various community sectors; education, local government, law enforcement, juvenile justice, social services, health services, parent groups, students, religious and business leaders, and the media. Well attended monthly Steering Committee meetings afford members and guests the opportunity to:

  • Learn something new
  • Share information about projects or events
  • Discuss & develop solutions for community issues
  • Learn about committee work & progress
  • Connect with other community members
  • Request assistance/partners to address an issue



We would love for you to join other community members at our Coalition meetings, to help plan future activities and make sure that our services remain helpful to our communities.

The Sussex County office is located at CFPC, 61 Spring Street, Newton, on the first floor. Monthly Coalition meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at 9AM at the Regional Coalition’s primary location.


The Warren County office is located at 37 Belvidere Avenue, Washington, NJ 07882. Monthly Coalition meetings are held at the Family Guidance Center, 492 Route 57 West, Washington, NJ 07882 on the second Thursday of each month at 9AM.

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For Sussex County or Regional Coalition, contact Laura Burger at 973-383-4787 or [email protected]

For Warren County, visit Family Guidance Center of Warren County or contact Tessie Decroce at 908-223-1985 Ext 304 or [email protected].