Vernon Youth Group Welcomes New Peer Leaders

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So long sweet summer…

Although another school year is upon us…The Vernon Coalition can’t forget about our 2016 graduates and their new endeavors. We would like to say good luck to all of our Above the Influence (ATI) seniors who are headed off to college! They have been involved in ATI since the beginning and have helped make this group so successful. They’ve always stepped up to the challenge whether it be public service announcements, Board of Education presentations, sticker shock events, community events, logo contests, town hall meetings and much more. As we reflect back on their time in the ATI youth group we know we will miss them all but of course, we are confident that they will go on to do great things and will make us proud. Go Vikings!
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney

As September is right around the corner our upcoming seniors are ready to hit the ground running. Our 2016-2017 ATI mentors will continue to make our youth group stronger and stronger. They will continue to encourage and inspire their peers to live healthy lifestyles and to become more powerful leaders throughout their school and community. Many of the Vernon Coalitions students have grown so much while being a part of this youth group. One student was so proud of herself as she was able to present in front of 200 people stating that before joining the ATI youth group she would have never been confident enough to do that. So, come check us out! Become part of the solution and work with your peers to spread education and awareness while having fun!

Did you know that Above the Influence has shown that teens who are aware of this campaign hold stronger anti-drug beliefs than teens who are unaware of ATI?! Research validates that teens holding strong anti-drug beliefs are less likely to use substances. Interested in learning more about the Above the Influence campaign? Visit them at:

If your child/children are interested in checking out the Above the Influence youth group please contact [email protected] or call 973-383-4787.
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