Youth Entrepreneurship Program”

February  3rd – “From Learning to Earning Youth Entrepreneurship Program”

CFPC is excited to announce its From Learning to Earning Youth Entrepreneurship program (YEP). YEP will meet on Tuesday nights. Dinner will be served from 6 to 6:30 p.m. The educational component will follow dinner. Phase I of From Learning to Earning will be the implementation of the 22-week Rural Entrepreneurship thru Action Learning (REAL) curriculum. REAL is a renowned K-12 curriculum being taught in 43 states. It provides a project-based learning environment aligned with national educational standards. REAL covers entrepreneurial skills, business plans, marketing, operation strategies and financial concepts. During Phase I, the teens will receive $10 per week that will address barriers to inclusion, such as gas expenses, and teach pro-active financial behaviors. Following the completion of REAL, the teens will pitch their business plan to a panel of local entrepreneurs who will vote for up to five ventures, each receiving up to $500 to kick start their business. Phase 2 will be the launching of the businesses. Fellow participants whose ideas were not funded will be able to assist those that were. Phase 3 will begin when REAL graduates return to be mentors to the next class. Teens will be able to refine their plans and pitch them to the panel as many times as they like. Throughout all three phases, a full range of employability skills will be taught by staff and business volunteers. Employment maintenance and integration skills include communication, problem solving, creative thinking, empathy, stress, understanding employment culture, critical thinking, analyzing solutions and understanding social norms. Personal assurance skills include confidence, self-evaluation and self-monitoring. All of the aforementioned skills are critical to the development of an individualized employability skill toolbox necessary for success.

The program will begin on February 3, 2015. We would welcome the opportunity to come speak to your students about this wonderful opportunity.

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