A Parents as Champions Success Story: High Point Regional High School

High Point Regional High School, under the representation of parent Cheryl Moser, was one of this year’s three awarded schools. With the main goal of promoting the importance of nutritional and energy packed snacks after school for High Point’s athletes, Cheryl began her project by focusing on the men’s soccer team which consists of (20) Varsity and (23) Junior Varsity members. High school sports are a great opportunity for so many of today’s youth, but with pressures of making it to the game on time, we have found that athletes are making poor nutritional choices that result in a depletion of energy. It was her concern and passion for the health, wellbeing and the overall success of these athletes that drove Cheryl to creating the Young Men’s Soccer Excel Program. Cheryl’s vision was to provide high school athletes with “healthier” snacks for pre and post competitions, ultimately, resulting in increased sports performance and injury resistance. Due to her hard work and dedication Cheryl made connections with local food stores and created a blue print for what this Excel program could look like in the long run with the addition of fresh fruits and yogurts, as well as a plan to sustain their quality before use. The hope is that with the success of this initiative, similar athletic programs will see the value of implementing healthy snacks for other sports school and county-wide. Awesome job Cheryl Moser, Student Athlete Robby Zweesaardt, Coach Kevin Fenlon, Athletic Director Todd Van Orden,  and all who were apart of this wonderful initiative for High Point’s Men’s Soccer Team.  Your hard work and dedication to school health has helped promote a healthier school environment.

Click here to see the article in the Daily Record explaining the Excel Program’s achievements as of mid-season.

For more information on this and other school health related grants available please contact Ashley LeBelle or Pamela Pastorino at The Center 973-383-4787