Montague Elementary School

Montague Township School has undergone many changes throughout the past several years. Prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Montague Township School was solely k-6 with students attending 7th and 8th grade in New York. In September 2015, Montague expanded their academic programs to include grade 7. In September 2016, they went on to include grade 8, thus giving all students in grades k-8 the opportunity to attend primary school in their local town. With such changes comes many new demands, and in an attempt to meet the needs of their students, Montague Township School created the NetWorks program. The NetWorks program is intended to provide an afterschool intramural sports program, as well as enhance the physical education program and provide opportunities for the outside community to partake in sports and activities. This program supplies volleyball, badminton, speedball and pickleball equipment that allows for staff to facilitate programs both during and after school. Montague’s debut NetWorks Intramural program will be taking place from March 14 to May 11 and consist of an estimated 30 student participants. The net systems are already being successfully utilized in physical education classes and planning has begun to host NetWorks parent/community nights. With the continued success of this program and others, it is easy to see that Montague Township School is achieving their goals of creating a well-rounded, unified and truly sustainable physical activity program.