Alcohol Awareness Month

In Recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month, April is filled with activities throughout Sussex County.  Alcohol Awareness month raises awareness while encouraging people to make healthy and safe choices when it comes to the use of alcohol.  It also opens a window of opportunity to address underage drinking, especially with prom and graduation season right around the corner.

According to the most recent surveys (Monitoring the Future 2016, NIH, NIDA,) we continue to see promising declines in the use of alcohol among our teenagers.  Over the last five years, nationwide, we’ve seen a gradual decline in alcohol consumption in our 8th – 12th graders.  While this is great news, the need for continued education and conversations regarding underage drinking is apparent and necessary. Even though alcohol consumption has steadily decreased, 41% of 12th graders and 19% of 10th graders in Sussex County report having used alcohol in the last 30 days (Pride, 2015). At The Center, we continue to educate teens, parents, teachers, community leaders and health care providers about the dangers and consequences associated with underage drinking.

Parental disapproval is the #1 reason kids choose to not use alcohol.  Check out for tips on teaching kids the risks of underage drinking, setting clear rules, establishing boundaries and having clear expectations.  You can also view with your family this funny but impactful commercial regarding parent approval.

Check out below what The Center is offering to families, businesses and schools in recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month:

  • “Free to Be Me… Alcohol -Free” PSA Contest

Over 200 students in grades 4-12 shared their “Free to Be Me…Alcohol-free” message by taking part in our annual Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest. Eleven entries were selected to form a positive social norms campaign throughout the month. Eight poster entries will be featured in the Schools section of the New Jersey Herald and three essay writers have recorded their entries which will be aired on WSUS 102.3 FM. See our 2017 Winners!

  • Vernon Town Hall Meeting 4/5/2017
  • Too Smart to Start

8 mini workshops were held  at Sussex Technical School for 9th – 12th grade students on April 4th.