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Motivation & Mental Health of Young Athletes

April 16th @ 9:00 AM – During this presentation, Dr. Lumbard will provide insight on attending to mental health among the athlete population and will discuss the experience of young athletes during the Covid-19 pandemic. He will also share his knowledge and expertise in regards to injury and pain recovery, warning signs to be aware of, and strategies for intervention. This presentation is beneficial for those who work with young athletes including Athletic Directors, PE Teachers, Rec Coordinators, Coaches, Trainers, and Physical Therapists.

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Alcohol Awareness Month

allows for 30 days of focus on increasing awareness and learning about the causes and treatments of one of our nation’s public health concerns: Alcohol Use Disorder. Established in 1987, alcohol awareness month has given communities the space to put an emphasis on spreading awareness and reducing stigma.

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Impact of Marijuana: Prevention Resources

Prevention is about delaying the onset of first use, whether alcohol, tobacco or marijuana – the most commonly used substances among teens – until the brain has fully matured. The early someone starts using substances, the greater their chances of developing a substance use disorder (SUD), and the more severe their illness is likely to be,” Addition Policy Forum

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