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Annual Taking Flight to Change Middle School Summit

CFPC’s Taking Flight to Change 2021 Anti-Bullying Summit will remain virtual. While we were unable to meet in person this past year for our Anti-Bullying Summit it is clear that the event left a mark on Sussex County Schools! Just like last year we will provide each Sussex County School with a week long event full of motivational speakers and resources to utilize in your schools to address positive school climate.

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Alcohol Awareness Month

allows for 30 days of focus on increasing awareness and learning about the causes and treatments of one of our nation’s public health concerns: Alcohol Use Disorder. Established in 1987, alcohol awareness month has given communities the space to put an emphasis on spreading awareness and reducing stigma.

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Impact of Marijuana: Prevention Resources

Prevention is about delaying the onset of first use, whether alcohol, tobacco or marijuana – the most commonly used substances among teens – until the brain has fully matured. The early someone starts using substances, the greater their chances of developing a substance use disorder (SUD), and the more severe their illness is likely to be,” Addition Policy Forum

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