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Prevention Hub

For youth and families to thrive in a safe and healthy environment, communities must address the numerous risk factors that lead to the early use of alcohol and other drugs, often the first step on a path to addiction. The Sussex County Prevention Hub is an initiative of the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities, a program of the Center for Prevention and Counseling. Our goals are to support the members of our community by providing a direct link to evidence-based support services, educational programs, and resources for all sectors.

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Pain Medication Disposal – What you need to know

The DEA’s national medication take-back day is over, but their dropboxes have not disappeared! Permanent dropboxes can be found at local police stations throughout Sussex County and are accessible 24/7. Properly disposing of your unneeded and expired medications can protect you, your family, and the environment. Expired medicines can lose their efficacy or turn toxic and cause harm if taken by accident.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

This 60-minute live virtual experience is intended for parents and other adults who care for youth, including school professionals, coaches, nurses, physicians and scout leaders. This virtual exhibit provides participants an opportunity to explore a mock teen’s bedroom to explain various trends of teen substance use, signs, symptoms and lingo in an effort to raise awareness about substance use disorders. The event also provides resources and tools for parents and community members to identify further prevention tips, treatment options and recovery services in Sussex County.

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Wise (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education)

The Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) Program celebrates healthy aging and educates older adults on a variety of topics including safe medication use, communicating effectively with healthcare providers and strategies for healthy living.  WISE is a national program, developed by NJPN that has been grant funded in Sussex County since 2013.

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