CLEAR Program

Sussex County CLEAR (Community, Law Enforcement, Addiction, Recovery)

November marked one year since a group of concerned community stakeholders met to address recovery support for those addicted to opiates and in need of services and treatment in our county. Never before have different organizations, professionals and volunteers assembled in this way to focus on solutions to the opiate epidemic we are facing. Out of those meetings, the Sussex County Community Law Enforcement Addiction Recovery, or C.L.E.A.R Program was born, and after thoughtful planning the program was officially launched in July. Over fifty people have reached out for information and support services, and approximately twenty individuals with substance use disorders and fifteen family members have been engaged in recovery coaching services. As Newton Police Chief Michael Richards stated, “From individuals to their families and the entire community, substance use is a health issue, a public safety issue and an economic issue. Just as addiction affects everyone, everyone benefits from helping people affected by addiction find recovery.”