Fatal Vision Alcohol Simulation Goggles

Fatal Vision Alcohol Simulation Goggles The Center offered a Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggle Training on December 2nd for professionals to use within their line of work including law enforcement, teachers, counselors and prevention specialists. Wendy Cooney, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Sussex County Community College and Retired NJ State Trooper, facilitated the training and engaged participants with interactive hands on exercises that demonstrated the effectiveness of the Fatal Vision Goggle Toolkit. Those that attended the training can reserve The Center’s toolkit for their use in providing prevention education. The toolkit offers an innovative approach to comprehending the impairing effects of alcohol and, in addition to the very useful ‘hands-on’ involvement of the different exercises, participants also learn how to educate others on how susceptible people can become to potentially dangerous consequences from alcohol misuse. The Program kit includes six Fatal Vision® Alcohol Simulation Goggles to demonstrate the effects of alcohol impairment at five estimated Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels. The evidence-based program provides a user guide to engage participants in hands-on demonstrations allowing them to experience with a sober mind the simulated physical and cognitive impairments of alcohol including slowed reaction time, reduced peripheral vision and loss of equilibrium. This experience will help participants realize how susceptible they are to the potentially dangerous consequences of alcohol impairment when driving and even while walking. For more information on Fatal Vision Alcohol Simulation Goggles and other prevention tools please contact [email protected] picture11