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Support Team for Addiction Recovery

“STAR has been so extraordinarily interactive/supportive of both my needs and dreams. I don’t trust easily, but STAR plowed right through my security walls and made me feel so comfortable, safe, supported, and cared for. STAR is truly exceptional and has amazing people.”


The Support Team for Addiction Recovery (STAR) Program utilizes Recovery Coaches and Case Managers to provide 1 year of recovery support services for adults with a history of Opioid or Stimulant Use Disorder in Sussex County. The STAR Team works alongside participants to promote improved recovery, wellness and health by utilizing a holistic lifestyle approach for sustained recovery. STAR Members are offered weekly face-to-face meetings with their Recovery Coach and Case Manager, as well as on-going telephone support to achieve their recovery wellness goals. Additionally, STAR offers virtual interactive workshops on a weekly basis exploring the dimensions of wellness & recovery to provide tools for making positive changes.


Recovery Coaches are individuals in long-term recovery from addiction that have been professionally trained to engage and support individuals affected by substance use. Case Managers have experience working with individuals with substance use disorder, connecting them to community-based services and supporting the recovery process.

A history of opioid or stimulant use disorder can include past use of opioids like fentanyl, heroin, prescription pain relievers and other medications and stimulants like cocaine, methamphetamine or other amphetamines.


Substance use impacts many facets of life and individuals have a better chance of success in recovery with a comprehensive support system. STAR works alongside its members to promote improved recovery, wellness, and healthy lifestyles. The goal of STAR is to help reduce or eliminate substance-related challenges, prevent future setbacks and to help maintain participants in their Recovery Zone. The STAR Program is available in all 21 counties with funding from the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

For more information about the Support Team for Addiction Recovery, or to refer an individual for services, please call 973-383-2497