• Sussex County Recovery Community Center


The Sussex County Recovery Community Center is a safe place for members of the recovery community to connect with others and enhance their recovery. We support and promote all pathways of recovery, honoring the right of every individual to choose the path that best meets their own personal preferences, needs, and values. Our services are peer-driven and we value the contributions of volunteers.

     "Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more."
     H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Volunteering at the Recovery Community Center will give you the opportunity to be involved with the development of events and activities that support our local community.


Join a committee based on your talents, skills and interests.

     Outreach Committee
        • Develop relationships with local groups and organizations
        • Distribute materials at different locations throughout the community
        • Maintain records of distribution and inventory at the locations
     Social Media Committee
        • Assist in developing calendar of social media posts
        • Contribute content ideas for multiple social media platforms
        • Promote activities by sharing and engaging with posts
     Events Committee
        • Assist in planning social, wellness or educational events for the recovery community
        • Engage and collaborate with other organizations, businesses and volunteers
        • Coordinate with social media committee for promotion and advertising
     Music & Arts Committee
        • Collaborate to create events and activities focused on music and/or other artistic expression
     Facilities Committee
        • Assist with maintenance and general up-keep of the Recovery Community Center
        • Oversee literature and resource area