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  • Sussex County Recovery Community Center

Volunteer Application

The Center Mission:

To promote health, hope and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive.

The Center Vision:

To develop the capacities of adults and children to sustain healthy lifestyles by providing services designed to foster addiction-free lives, emotional wellness, financial stability and safe communities.

What does it mean to volunteer at The Center?

Volunteering can give you the opportunity to be involved with the creation and planning of events that support our recovery community. When volunteering you are not only making connections, you are making a valuable contribution and a positive impact which is vital to our organization’s growth and overall success.

Want to bring your ideas to the table? Apply to join the Recovery Center Board where you will meet monthly with board members, formulate ideas and support The Center from the behind the scenes.

All new volunteers are required to participate in an interview and orientation. You will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator upon submission of your application.

Volunteer Core Values:

  • A belief that you are in recovery when you say you are
  • Support all pathways to recovery
  • Focus on the recovery potential, not the pathology
  • Everyone has a strength to share
  • Recovery is a gift; expect to pay it forward
  • The path of recovery is life-long
  • Ongoing community support is vital to successful outcomes
  • Support the wellness of the whole person

Apply to become a Board Member

The Recovery Community Center Board comprises people of various backgrounds and recovery pathways to represent and speak to the needs our community. Commit your experience and expertise to help inform the activities of the Recovery Community Center by joining the RCC Board.