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Spring Conference Recap 2016

The Center’s May 3 Spring Conference highlighted Kevin Sabet, Kevin Wong, Frank Greenagel and Rutgers University neuroscientist, Bonnie Nolan who presented facts while interacting with the audience offering a look at marijuana use today.  Participants were asked to focus on prevention to avoid commercialization of another addictive industry in our country.  Marijuana is not the same drug it used to be as THC levels have dramatically increased while the creation of new products such as marijuana wax, oil and shatter are being promoted.  In states where legalization of recreational marijuana has occurred, youth use is on the rise.  Remember 4:20?  Do you know what 7:10 is?  Are we sure we know what will happen with marijuana legalization?  Want to learn more about the Other Side of Cannabis?  Share the facts about marijuana by using websites where science and research are front and center and help kids do the same!

Kevin A. Sabet

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Frank Greenagel

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