Underage Drinking Ordinances in Sussex County

Underage Drinking Ordinances in Sussex County Thank you to Lafayette Township and Sussex Borough for adopting Underage Drinking Ordinances. At present, 22 of Sussex County’s 24 municipalities have adopted this ordinance to hold youth responsible for their actions if drinking underage on private property. (More information can be found here www.parentadvicenj.org)  Drug prevention work is always best supported when leaders, policy makers, stakeholders and citizens become aware of efforts evidenced to create healthier, safer and drug-free communities.  The thoughtful and patient input towards adopting these ordinances positively encourages our youth, young adults and families; offering a deterrent to underage drinking.  We’d like to thank the committees and staff at both the Lafayette Township Municipal Offices and Sussex Borough Town Councils for working to ensure the adoption of the ordinance.  The Center for Prevention and Counseling looks forward to being a continued source of wellness as we inspire Sussex County residents to lead healthier, drug-free lives. picture9