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Rx for Understanding

Rx for Understanding is a five-week program utilizing NIDA for Teens activities and lessons designed to spark discussions with teens about the dangers of prescription drug misuse including prescription pain medication, stimulants and addiction. Students will understand the risks associated with the misuse of prescription medication, the science of addiction as well as how to identify local resources for further prevention, treatment and recovery options

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Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Training introduces seven habits, using the Covey model, as they apply to teens and how each can enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.  This concept applies the timeless principles to the teens and the tough issues and life-changing decisions they face on a daily basis.  The Youth Leadership training […]

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Financial Stability Project

This project is an innovative collaboration between CFPC and United Way of Northern NJ. Through education, skill building and mentoring, FSP assists Sussex County residents in increasing their financial knowledge, building savings, and attaining assets. As part of FSP, CFPC joins forces with NORWESCAP RSVP, United Way of Northern NJ, and the IRS to assist […]

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