Sticker Shock Events in Local Liquor Stores


The Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities, a program of The Center for Prevention and Counseling, engage youth from throughout Sussex County to proactively spread awareness about preventing underage drinking and the importance of the safest serving of alcohol. On Monday, December 14th more than 1500 brightly colored stickers were placed on different alcohol packages throughout liquor stores in Sussex County by youth participating in several “Sticker Shock” events. Colorful and informative stickers, created to state the penalties and consequences of purchasing alcohol for minors, are used in these Sticker Shock events which spread education and engage youth and adults to understand the dangers of underage drinking. The Center is so very appreciative for the cooperation of the many local liquor stores in our area and encourage patrons to thank the staff or management of the various liquor stores wherever you see these bright stickers displayed.

In New Jersey and more specifically, in every Sussex County municipality, there exists a “Social Host Liability” law which imposes civil penalties on social hosts who serve alcohol to minors who subsequently are involved in incidents causing death or injury. It is a criminal offense in the state of New Jersey (2C:33-17b) to make your home or property available for the purpose of allowing minors a place to consume alcohol and it is a criminal offense in the state of New Jersey (2C:33-17a) to serve alcohol to anyone who is under the legal age of 21. Important to realize is that no amount of home insurance coverage will protect a homeowner when they are facing these potential criminal penalties.

We remind and encourage community members to be part of the solution to underage drinking. Secure and monitor alcohol in your home and remember the campaign message promoted to everyone, “Parents Who Host Lose the Most- Don’t be a party to teenage drinking. It’s Against the Law.” Special thanks go out to The Liquor Factory in Hopatcong, Shoprite Liquors in Byram, The George Inn, Vernon Inn, Highland General Store and other participating establishments for supporting the mission of The Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities.